Welcome to Easttown Township’s Alert System Portal!

This is your go-to destination to customize your preferences for the delivery methods we use to communicate with you and types of information you would like to receive via Blackboard Connect!

Once you’ve signed up, check the “Outreach” box if you would like to receive occasional notifications, including but not limited to:

  • Changes in your collection zone trash and recycling schedule
  • Road closures in your area
  • Zoning or land development proposals that may impact your neighborhood

We assure you that contact information is secure and will not be shared with anyone else. This service is only used to notify of you of emergencies and for occasional and optional outreach messages.

The Township takes your privacy very seriously and will only use this system when it is deemed necessary and in your best interest.

Portal passwords must be at least 8 characters, including one uppercase and one lower case letter or numbers (no symbols). Passwords cannot be the same as the username.

Sign up today and add additional phone numbers and emails addresses for notification!

You can choose to receive messages via text or voice, and you can even sign up non-resident family members or caretakers who would like to be notified about events in your area.

Remember, you must opt-in for Outreach messages by checking the “Outreach” box when filling out your preferences!


You can access your portal account from your Smartphone. Download the app at iOS or Android.

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